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Women's Words Blog

  • Saturday, March 06, 2021 12:54 PM | Sandra Davis (Administrator)

    Every year Webster Dictionary puts out a new list of buzz words used in business and industries.   2020 famous buzzwords were easily centered around the pandemic.   Words and phrases such as "flatten the curve", "pivot", "new normal", "shutdown/lockdown", "quarantine", "social distancing", and there are so many more.  After hearing them over and over, it is easy to make you start getting annoyed and sick and tired of hearing it.  In business, words are created and clung to at such a phenomenal rate that if you don't use them, you pretty much are getting left behind.  Words like "sustainability", "organic marketing", "wheelhouse", and now "deep dive" are swiveling around until the new "trend" starts!  It's amazing how when some words begin to become "popular in use", when a person uses them, it grabs the attention of others.   Sort of like "name dropping".   You know, when in a circle of friends, you drop the name of a high powered public figure, athlete, celebrity or the latest news worthy person.  It's sort of like a little "shock value" attention grabber.   I mean, how many of you said the phrase, "Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat" over and over?  Of course I can't tell you the name of the girl who coined that phrase, but it sure did get a ton of use!  And if you google that phrase, a list of Youtube videos pop up featuring the juvenile delinquent and questions about "where you can find her now?"

    In this day and age, we also use certain and special words in our businesses that help us become heard and shows that we are "trending" with current affairs.    I find that the worst word undoubtedly to me is the word "AUTHENTIC".   People continually and constantly saying, we must be authentic!  Ugh!   

    Let's breakdown what authentic truly means:  

    "of undisputed origin; genuine" 

    Ahhh... Genuine!   What a refreshing word!   My problem with the word "authentic" is... so many people attached to the word and decided they needed to BECOME authentic.    So here in lies the problem.   Using a word that is supposed to mean genuine, true, and real people have decided that they need to TRY and be these things.   With the added feature of Facebook LIVES, more and more folks are going LIVE to TRY and show us their authenticity.    Shouldn't we just "be" and not "try".   Isn't being authentic, just being yourself, showing who you really are through your presentations?   It has resulted in so many pre-thought out ways to try and be authentic to catch the attention of others, and maybe if we see that person as being "authentic", we will like them, get to know them, and buy their product.    For me, I actually end up scrolling by, because the authenticity has gotten so out of hand its intolerable.  I have witnessed folks who intentionally every day go LIVE to talk about some mundane topic that really is not interesting at all in the quest of trying to be authentic.  So, now the word doesn't really mean "genuine" anymore at all, and people are not acting genuine anymore at all.   Peoples behavior has become so planned and calculated that you can't believe or see the truth and often times comes off as entirely unauthentic and FAKE.   

    In walks TikTok and Reels...   So in an effort of new ways of noticeability, "Advertainment" is the new hook.  Advertainment  is a new marketing term that doubles as advertising with entertainment and will soon be so recognized that my spell checker won't underline it.  Mixing with product promotion and media entertainment, we have been given in most cases free tools to express ourselves with fun and energetic marketing.   This new craze is completely opposite of Authenticity Marketing and I find it very refreshing.   Middle Aged women are now acting like teenagers videoing and recording themselves lip sinking to rap songs or popular quotes, doing hilarious dance moves, and sending obscure messages to become noticed in order to sell their products.   They are "stepping outside of the marketing box" for sure!   Whether you are jumping on the bandwagon or finding it silly at best, it is very entertaining.  I'm especially entertained by the women I personally know who are having me crack up over my morning coffee as I tune into their latest creation!   Thank you in advance!   

    If this is the new way of trending on social media, I better catch up or maybe I will just wait until the next marketing fad comes out.  What about the old school way of "word of mouth" and "referrals"?   Nah, that is too boring!   

    Do you have a fun TicTok or Reels you would like to share?   If so, please contact me so we can have it 'trend' in our social media platforms. 

    With Love, 

    Sandra Davis 
    Women's Network of USA 

  • Monday, March 01, 2021 8:48 AM | Sandra Davis (Administrator)

    Are you living your best life?   Yeah, we have heard this all over and over, but it's a topic that fits YOUR narrative.    I have heard this so many times in my past, yet, I am still not where I want to be.    I thought, maybe if I type it out, It will become clear where I want to be.   Further, if I typed it out in my public website blog, that would be the step to share so people can come back at me and force me to be accountable.   You have heard that too, correct?   So why don't we do what we know we are supposed to do to get where and what we want?   Read on and maybe I can be of some inspiration.  

    So, where do I want to be?  How do I want to live my best life?  

    Answer:  I want to live the #laptoplifestyle.   Yes, I want to work from anywhere as I travel and discover the world!  I want to engage with people, I want to serve others, I want to share and promote others, bring value to our platform, build a member base that people will love and come back to year after year.   I want to grow a highly successful membership site.  But it's not about me, its about all of the people who engage and talk about themselves who join me in this platform.   I want to promote people, LIKE YOU!   My main goal is to "SHOW YOU OFF".    I want to be your promoter through our platform!   

    So how am I going to make this happen?  How are you going to make it happen?  How are you going to make your dream life come to fruition like I want to do?   How are you going to allow me to serve you?  Will you take advantage of all the benefits I offer to "SHOW YOU OFF"?

    Listening to coaches over and over, I have learned this and this is what they say.... Isn't it time we take the steps that are taught to us to make our DREAMS come true and make our FUTURE SELVES be who we want to be? 

    Here are the steps I have learned and am putting into action! 

    1. Dream every day (What do you want? As you dream, you get more and more clear, sit quiet for a moment and visualize or imagine you being where you want to be.  If you are stumped the best way to start is to get clear on what you don't want.)
    2. Take Action (whatever direction you take, start doing something, reach out to folks, go in with a serving mentality to others, create your value, add new ingredients to your recipe to make it taste better, expand it. 
    3. Experiment (as you try new things, you figure out what works and doesn't).   Being in business is trying a bunch of experiments.  Whatever what works, do more of it!   Try new ideas, carve out brain creation time and then brain dump time. 
    4.  Celebrate the small successes (did something work? did something align with your dream? did you make an advancement?  Share it with others, reward yourself, then get busy on the next action!)

    Simple enough, yes??    So if you haven't started, then get busy!   Here is a Call to Action:   Share with me your dream.  Regardless if you send me a message or email.  Set up a 1:1 with me to discuss your dream, then  join us Monday March 8 at 8:00 pm est.  Monday Night Musings.   I have created an accountability list and your name can be on it, just join in or contact me!   We truly can have what we want, when we want it, and how we want it!  

  • Monday, February 15, 2021 11:48 AM | Sandra Davis (Administrator)

    Do you need a little lift in your mindset about your business?   Has your confidence ever swayed?  All of us, at one time or another has experienced lows in our thought, allowing our minds to take over.  You know we can be our worst enemy, telling ourselves we are never enough and never going to meet our goals.  I have found that meditating can really change your mind set.   I found this fabulous meditation channel about 6 years ago and want to share a specific one for you to listen to.   Either when you go to bed at night, or play it in the back ground while you are working!   When you listen, believe it!   You will come out better and will probably love it just for the soothing voice of the narrator and writer.  Let me know what you think.... here is the link
     Rising Higher Meditation for Business   

  • Friday, February 05, 2021 5:10 PM | Sandra Davis (Administrator)

    Honestly I waited a full year to let the pandemic take me over, when everyone else was working their biz and zooming, I was floundering around letting this amazing database of women just sit here.  

    All of the women who have ever been a part of GBN/PWN have been sorely missed.   Not just by me, but by everyone else.   It's time to get busy, get down to brass tacks and explode this platform.   We have always had a special aura within this group.   We have met some amazing women along the way and some of us have become life long friends.   Some have stayed, and some have gone off and created their own thing.   We support one another, share in business ideas, create connections and go about our busy lives with others in mind.   We have been fortunate and as Women we have an amazing strength that only we know.  

    My goal is to continue working and building this audience with enthusiasm, eagerness and passion.   I can't wait to see what everyone is doing, how they are building their business and how we will continue to weed through the worlds complications.    If we made it through 2020, we can certainly make it through the rest of the years to come.   

    God Bless You all and thank you for being here! 

    Sandra Davis 
    Women's Network of USA 

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